Terms of Service

Please agree to the following terms of service before signing up. 

■Prohibited Activities
・The guest may not use the services provided by Go Wander Japan by himself/herself or by using a third party that may commit any of the following acts or any act that is likely to be one of the following. If Go Wander Japan determines that the guest’s activity falls under any of the following, Go Wander Japan reserves the right to cancel the event without notifying the guest. In addition, Go Wander Japan will not be liable for any damage(s) or circumstance(s) that guests may cause or incur as a result of Go Wander Japan’s response in this section.

  1. Acts of providing false information to Go Wander Japan regarding reservation information, etc.

  2. Acts that are considered criminal and illegal, as well as acts that go against public order and morals.

  3. The act of transmitting information that is considered offensive and obscene to the general public and/or other harmful information for minors and other individuals.

  4. Acts that violate any laws or the terms listed here.

  5. Actions that may interfere with the operations of Go Wander Japan.

  6. Acts to solicit or promote illegal activities to other individuals.

  7. Any acts that cause loses or destroys the trust of Go Wander Japan and its members during the event.

  8. Acts that threaten the work and staff of Go Wander Japan and interferes with normal operations.

  9. Any other acts that Go Wander Japan deems inappropriate that is not listed here.


■ The physical tour will not be cancelled for rain.

■ Please come in clothes that are easy to move around in for the program.

■ As an infectious disease measure, we are currently checking the body temperature of all visitors at the entrance and reserve the right to refuse entrance and participation of those who have a fever of 37.5° or above.

■ We may provide the whole program online if an announcement is made by the government and/or municipality to require quarantine.  

■ People who have not applied for the program beforehand will not be able to join this program.

■ No refunds are available in any case after the payment is completed.